GRAPHICAL ABSTRACTS: Here are some summaries of the results from our published papers, presented graphically - Thanks to Daphne Cortese, Jules Schligler and Anne Haguenauer for their artistic skills!

2022 - Transgenerational versus Developmental acclimation

Cortese, D., Crespel, A., Mills, S.C., Norin, T.,Killen, S., & Beldade, R. 2022 Adaptive effects of parental and developmental environments on offspring survival, growth and phenotype Functional Ecology 36, 2983–2994

2021 - Impacts of Bleaching:

Cortese, D., Norin, T., Beldade, R., Crespel, A., Killen, S., & Mills, S.C. 2021. Physiological and behavioural effects of anemone bleaching on symbiont anemonefish in the wild. Functional Ecology 35: 663-674 pdf.

2021 - Impacts of Artificial Light at Night:

Schligler, J., Cortese, D., Beldade, R., Swearer, S. & Mills, S.C. 2021. Long-term exposure to artificial light at night (ALAN) in the wild decreases growth and survival of a coral reef fish. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 288: 20210454 pdf.

2021 - Clownfish in Deep reefs - are they a refuge from climate change?

Haguenauer, A., Zuberer, F., Siu, G., Beldade, R. & Mills, S.C. 2021 Deep heat: A comparison of water temperature, anemone bleaching, anemonefish density and reproduction between shallow and mesophotic reefs. Fishes 6: 37 link to pdf

2020 - Impacts of motorboat noise:

Mills, S.C., Beldade, R., Henry, L., Laverty, D., Nedelec, S.L., Simpson, S.D., & Radford, A.N. 2020. Hormonal and behavioural effects of motorboat noise on wild coral reef fish. Environmental Pollution 262: 114250 pdf.

2017 - Impact of boat noise on species interactions:

54. Nedelec, S.L., Mills, S.C., Radford, A.N., Beldade, R., Simpson, S.D., Nedelec, B. & Côté, I. 2017 Motorboat noise disrupts co-operative interspecific interactions. Scientific Reports 7: 6987 pdf.